Overview Edit

Viveet is the name of the sword given by Merrick to Bianca in Antebellum Awakening. It was made for Bianca under the instruction of her father, Derek. It was made by the sword-maker Andrei from the Southern Network. Since the Mansfeld Pact forbids any sort of trade between Networks, it is assumed that Bianca's father is or was a friend of Andrei's, therefore not violating the pact.

Appearance Edit

Viveet is approximately three feet long. Swirls of ivory representative of Letum Wood run along the blade's length. A deep blue snakes through the leaves and the hilt. There is an A is engraved on the blade near the hilt, indicating that it was made by Andrei. Though not confirmed, it is assumed that the weapon is enchanted due to something like a jolt rushing up Bianca's arm when she picked it up for the first time.

Name Meaning Edit

The word Viveet means "protector." According to Merrick, each sword is given its name based on the experience the sword maker had while forging it. Since each sword is forged differently, they have their own personalities.