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The Sisterwitches - Part One is the first book in the Antebellum Collection, a companion series to the Network Series.

The Sisterwitches- Part One cover

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy; Publisher: Antebellum Publishing; Publication Date: 2017; Media Type: Trade Paperback; Followed by: The Sisterwitches- Part Two

Synopsis Edit

Living with persnickety dragons is the least of fourteen-year-old Sanna and Isadora Radcliffe’s worries.

While Isadora dreams of life outside the enclosure and freedom from her debilitating headaches, Sanna romps through the verdant woods with the giant beasts, determined to become the next Dragonmaster.

When Papa catches Isadora sneaking out of the enclosure, she’s forbidden from returning, separating the sisterwitches for the first time. On her own, Isadora learns her headaches have more meaning than she ever thought.

In the meantime, a sly group of poachers start slaying dragons one by one, embroiling Sanna and the other Dragonmaster families in a fight to the death.

Join the powerful Sisterwitches first introduced in the Network Series in a story of first love, deadly sacrifice, and the power of sisterhood.

Background Edit

Author Katie Cross originally intended for The Sisterwitches to be singular novel and released in Fall of 2016, but due to the scope of the story, she decided to split it into two parts and delayed the release.