Overview Edit

The Northern Network is one of the five Networks in Antebellum and is patterned after the Western US and Canada, with influences from other mountainous regions.

Geography & Climate Edit

The Northern Network is made up of treacherous terrain. As such, it is unknown whether or not witches still live there.

Culture Edit

Due to it being nearly impossible for anyone to explore it, there is next to nothing know about the Northern Network or any of its inhabitants.

Government Edit

As with anything about the Northern Network, not much is known about its government, though one would assume that it, too, has a High Priestess/High Priest.

Mansfeld Pact Edit

The Northern Network is the only Network to participate in the Mansfeld Pact. This is due to the fact that the difficult terrain prevented anyone from communicating them and they had not been in communication with any of the other Networks fo centuries prior to the creation of the Mansfeld Pact.