Overview Edit

The Central Network is one of the five Networks that make up Antebellum. It is the primary setting of The Network Series and is patterned after the southern part of the United States.

Geography & Climate Edit

The Central Network is lush, humid in the winter, green, and sports very verdant, rolling hills.

Culture Edit

The Central Network is known for being more advanced in women's rights/freedoms than other Networks.

Government Edit

As with all the other Networks, the Central Network has a High Priestess and Priest although, during the first two books of the series, it only has a High Priestess-- Mildred Graeme.

The first High Priestess of the Central Network was a witch named Esmelda. The law that she put into motion still continues during the Network Series thousands of years after she instituted it.

Locations Edit

Miss Mabel's School for Girls

Letum Wood

Chatham Castle

Isadora's Cottage

Sanna's Cottage