Bianca Monroe is the primary protagonist of The Network Series. She is sixteen-years-old at the beginning of the series.

Miss Mabel's School for Girls Edit

In Miss Mabel's School for Girls, Bianca enrolls in the prestigious Miss Mabel's School for Girls in order to participate in the annual competition, the winner of which will spend their school year under the guidance of Miss Mabel. Unlike the winners before her, Bianca has ulterior motives for participating in the competition-- to break a the curse that Miss Mabel set upon her grandma. This curse, however, will not stop when Bianca's grandmother is dead. It will kill Bianca's mother and then, eventually, kill Bianca herself. Bianca's seventeenth birthday is growing closer, and it is then that the curse will be impossible to break.

After a grueling year of lessons that push Bianca to her limit and discovering that Miss Mabel has bigger plans than she originally thought, Bianca confronts Miss Mabel. During a vicious duel with blighters, Miss Mabel beats Bianca and, in the process, ruthlessly kills her mother before her eyes.

Antebellum Awakening Edit

After the death of her mother and the escape of her former teacher, Miss Mabel, Bianca takes up residence in Chatham Castle. Dealing with inconsolable grief, Bianca loses her ability to control the magic that is swelling within her. During her time at the castle, Bianca trains in swordplay under the instruction of a young man named Merrick.

In Miss Mabel's School for Girls, Miss Mabel forced Bianca to sign a contract with her that requires her to kill the next High Priest of the Central Network in exchange for the lifting of her Inheritance Curse. When The High Priestess, Mildred, announces that the next High Priest will be Bianca's own father, Miss Mabel reveals that she knew all along that this was going to happen.

In the novel's climax, Miss Mabel appears at a ball celebrating the coronation of Derek as the new High Priest, followed by hundreds of Calvas. During the attack, Mildred confronts Mabel who kills her. It was later revealed that Mildred had earlier offered her life in exchange for the removal of Bianca's Inheritance Curse. Leda also destroys the contract between Bianca and Miss Mabel, no longer binding her to the agreement she had with her former teacher. The attack ended with Bianca refusing to kill Miss Mabel and letting her be taken into custody.